Christ Lutheran School Accreditation

Christ Lutheran School, first and foremost through the work of the Holy Spirit, exists to bring children and their families into a closer relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

However we know that we would not have that opportunity unless we had a strong academic program.

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Christ Lutheran School operates as an Approved school by the state of Nebraska. Each year we are required to certify to the state that we are in compliance with the appropriate regulations governing schools.

Christ Lutheran School was visited by the Nebraska Department of Education for compliance with Rule 14 which is what our parochial schools operate under. 


Since 2001 Christ Lutheran School has undergone the extra requirements to be recognized through the National Lutheran School Accreditation process. Only about 500 Lutheran schools have this distinction. Our last review occurred in 2019.

Christ Lutheran School is proud to be nationally recognized by the National Lutheran School Accreditation process. This intensive process takes place every 5 years.

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Youth Mental Health
In October of 2020, our teachers completed the Youth Mental Health First Aid Course. They have been trained to provide initial help to young people experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders.

Lutheran Schools Ranked
#1 in the Country!

The NAEP report, often called the "Nation's Report Card" ranked the Lutheran School system the #1 school system in the country! When compared to public schools, charter schools, and other large school systems, the system of Lutheran grade schools and high schools was ranked the best academic system. Christ Lutheran is proud to be a member of that system.

Additionally, a new report released by ACT shows that students who attend private schools are significantly more ready for college than students who attend public schools. These are two more excellent reasons to celebrate the great work God is doing at Christ Lutheran & Lutheran High School Northeast.

For more information on the ACT report, click here.