School History

           Interest in Christian education and training of its youth is clearly evident throughout the history of the Christ Lutheran congregation.  It has always been a priority of our members to educate both our young children and our older “children.”  Christ Lutheran School originated in 1871 where the first parsonage built east of town served not only as the pastor’s home but also as a school.  It has been in existence (except the spring of 1880) without interruption up to the present time!

          When the congregation moved to town in 1876, an annex was added to the parsonage which served as the schoolroom.  The school had various locations on campus until 1883 when a school was built next to the church.  In 1924, the south portion of the present school building was erected which served as the school.  In 1964, the gym and several other classrooms were added.  Tremendous growth in the school prompted the 1984 addition which consisted of 9 classrooms and a school office.  Preschool was added in 1985.  The need for child care prompted the congregation to open “Helping Hands Childcare” in 1989.  In 1996, a ninth-grade class was added which eventually was absorbed into the newly founded Lutheran High Northeast in 1997.  In 2004, the northernmost school addition was built providing more classrooms, expanded library, and a computer room.  In 2018, three homes were purchased and torn down to make room for our our new playground which was moved from south of the school to the northernmost part of our campus and includes multiple slides, play equipment, basketball court and green space.  This project was completed in the fall of 2019.  

          Christ Lutheran continues to assess needs on our campus. In 2012, a “Site Planning Committee” was established to assess campus needs.  The site planning committee is currently meeting to assess campus needs, especially the school.  Christ Lutheran will celebrate 150 years in 2020!  God certainly has blessed Christ Lutheran and we are looking forward to many more years of strong Christian based education!