Comments from our Christ Lutheran School Family Parents

Brenden W (former CLS Student)
To say that Christ Lutheran educated me well is an understatement. While a good education is one of the benefits of a private school that everyone knows, there were things I learned from Christ Lutheran School that went deeper than any lesson plan or chapter in a book. I learned morals, I learned responsibility, and most importantly, I developed a foundation in my faith that has stood firm through several storms in life.
Arrin R (former CLS Student)
"Through my time at CLS I was able to grow in both knowledge and faith thanks to great teachers and support system. It was a great stepping stone towards high school and eventually earning a college degree. I enjoyed participating in many activities including basketball, track, football, band and quiz bowl. I also made lifelong friends in both my classmates and my teachers."
Andy J (Former CLS Student)
“I often look back very fondly on my CLS days. In addition to being so well cared for individually by teachers and staff, I cannot imagine being better prepared academically for high school and beyond. The foundation of my Christian faith was also laid there. I cannot recommend CLS highly enough!”
Christine E (Current Family)
“Our son loves school and the teachers do a great job of keeping him engaged in all of his subjects.  We have seen him grow in so many areas academically, physically, morally, and spiritually." 
Dan S (Current Family)
“The gift of Christian education is one of the greatest that parents can give to their children.  Not only are the students at Christ Lutheran prepared for the academic challenges of high school, but great care is taken to ensure they know Jesus as their Savior."
Marcy K (Current family at CLS)
"I love that my kids are in an environment that allows them to pray for one another.  Recently, one of my children had a friend who was in an accident and she made mention of it to her teacher.  He stopped what he was doing and they held hands and prayed for her friend right on the spot.  I still get tears in my eyes when I think of that moment, in that classroom, with that teacher.  Prayer is powerful and my children are doing it multiple times a day at Christ Lutheran School.”
Brad and Melissa D (2nd generation CLS family)
"Our kids are the second generation to go through school at CLS.  Through our time involved, with CLS, we have felt like part of a family.  We are grateful for the strong academics and more importantly, the strong faith our children have gained from their teachers and from all staff at CLS.”